Open Consulting™️ works with you to deliver solution best suited your needs. We work closely with you to accelerate the journey to solution.

Open Consulting is a community of around 1400+ experienced professionals who are Subject Matter Experts across 18 industries working for about 130 diverse clients like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, IT Services, Telecommunications, Media, Retail, Manufacturing, Airline & Travel,
Healthcare etc. This community of mostly freelancers with average working experience of 12 years was established in 2014 and it has grown since then.

Open Consulting works with industry leaders to identify new business and technology trends. Open Consulting also works with the community members to identify their skill gaps and work towards bridging the gap of requirements and the skills.

Open Consulting has built expertise in delivering solutions in various domains to help the clients in harnessing new technologies and business trends for the benefits of their businesses. If you are wondering if a new technology trend can help your organisation, you want to try a new process and technology combination with a quick proof of concept, you want to identify to understand and define your business case or you want to implement a solution, Open Consulting can help.