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Data & Cloud Seminar

It is a great pleasure to be together on journey of up-skilling ourselves. As Open Consulting has promised to facilitate upgrading skills of freelancers, we have hosted a Cloud Computing meetup in Central London on 11th Feb.

Many experts from the industry put forward their views & vision of the cloud computing to enthusiastic crowd of aspirants. We are sharing some highlights and presentations from the event. We will also publish in a series of posts detailing these individual streams soon.

Pradeep made the crowd to think using cloud mindset and explained about cloud computing. Prakash guided the group about Cloud Career Paths, streams available in Cloud Computing and how to get them.

Atul gave an introduction to Google Cloud Platform, Google’s services offering, certifications available and how to achieve them.

SanthiKumar presented the concept of Data Engineering and how critical it is for success of any analytical system. He explained 5Vs of data, how to pursue the pat of being a data engineer.

Gaurav explained the concept of Hybrid-Cloud along with public and private cloud. He highlighted the fact that it is very high in demand and insisted considering it seriously as part of learning about cloud computing.


Google Cloud

Cloud Architect Certification with GCP

  • Jan 2020 – The first batch of 44 people started on GCP Training.
  • You can still join us on Telegram by using this link


  • Jan-Mar 2020 – Course study, with exam preparation
  • Apr 2020 – Professional Cloud Architect Exam (link)
  • Apr-May 2020 – Building real-world solutions using all google cloud services
  • May 2020 – Start client engagements for cloud solutions

Next Batch

  • Starting in Feb 2020 – join us on Telegram by using this link

We will keep updating this post, for all future training related to google cloud

What Next?

Further Google Certification matching your interest (link)

  • Professional Data Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Developer
  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer
  • Professional Collaboration Engineer
  • Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Other Cloud Certification

  • Amazon Cloud Services Certification (link)
  • Microsoft Azure Certification (link)
  • IBM Certified Architect – Cloud Solutions (link)


Cloud Group

Join the GCP course currently in progress using this link

Why Cloud Computing?

OC Cloud Group

What? – Certification

  • Google Cloud Platform Certification (link)
  • Amazon Cloud Services Certification (link)
  • Microsoft Azure Certification (link)

Whether you’re looking to start a new career, or change your current one, Professional Certificates help you become job ready. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you.


Why Now?

  • Stay ahead of the curve, get certified before others
  • Higher rates for certified professionals (£750 to £1000+ per day)
  • If you are out of work, this is the best time to upskill to shape your future directions
  • Skill shortage in the market for Cloud professionals, so perfect time


  • Join the Cloud Computing Group @openconsultinguk on Telegram (link)
  • Work together, towards getting certification
  • Be part of the local community, that can help each other
  • Also so that we can know you and get you placed at clients


  • Join Telegram Group – for open discussions + setup instructions (link)
  • Follow us on Linkedin – for Job roles and articles (link)
  • Follow us on Twitter – to keep up to date (link)


  • The ideal would have been last year
  • Now is the right time, starting batch on 6 Jan 2020

Who? – Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of IT
  • Willing to learn and get your hands dirty
  • A commitment of 8-10 hours per week
  • You can learn while standing/hanging on the train (mobile)
  • For hands-on, you will need access to a Laptop/Desktop

FAQ? – I can do any online course myself, why do I need to join @OpenConsultingUK

  • We have Certified SMEs already working in this industry
  • They will be guiding and helping you in selecting the most applicable skills in demand
  • Being part of the focus group increases your chances by 50% to complete the certification
  • You get access to new contracting opportunities where you can participate, even part-time
  • As always @OpenConsultingUK does not make any money from these community efforts

Fill Skill Gap to Increase Daily Rate

What a year 2019 has been for contractors!

  • Restructuring due to Brexit,
  • Political uncertainty,
  • Diminishing market and,
  • Not-so-well timed flexible workforce regulation changes (IR35).
    All have caused a perfect storm for contractors. We have seen a significant reduction in the number of contract roles and the rates offered during the second half of the year.

We can draw a parallel with Dr. Spencer Johnson’s book “Who Moved My Cheese?” which describes different approaches taken by four fictional characters in a maze (job world) when their supply of cheese (contract opportunities) vanishes.

The lead character while looking out for new cheese stations realizes that cheese did not vanish suddenly but dwindled slowly. He takes a further journey into the unknown and creates an inspiring ending happily.

It would be ideal if we are alerted about the diminishing supply of cheese and we look for new ‘cheese station’ while old cheese is still not gone. Unfortunately, many of us realize it only when the cheese is actually gone.

  1. Changes happen – accept that the supply of cheese (contract opportunities) is vanishing. Comfort zone, fear of the unknown, denial are factors that keep one at the same cheese station (old technology / same client) even if cheese becomes stale (diminishing rates).
  2. Anticipate changes – start looking for new cheese stations (new skills). Always understand what are the new trends – in IT or functional domains – how work-landscape is changing. Proactively identify upcoming changes instead of getting caught by them, will avoid surprises.
  3. Adapt to change quickly – wander into the maze. Learn about new trends, be it new technology, a new methodology or new regulation. Attend seminars, participate in working groups and equip yourself to lead the changes. Of course, enjoy the journey!
  4. Change – move to the cheese. Contracting professionals do not really have the luxury of not moving with the cheese.

Moving to Cloud

Let’s take an example of a contractor who has been supporting traditional IT server infrastructure. Initially, she has seen a high demand for this kind of work. Then higher competition came in but she made it due to her experience in his field. Then rates reduced or remained stagnant and now stream of work dried up. She probably has missed upgrading her skillset with the new tech trends like Automation, DevOps (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, etc) or Cloud.

Marching Ahead

Any contractor can be in demand and fetch top rates only if they have a skill set that is in demand.

Luckily, in our professional lives, we have more help available to us than the four fictional characters of the book. We need not to adventure out alone in the unknown or remain clueless.

Here at Open Consulting™, we are building a whole framework with contractors, for contractors.

1. How to IDENTIFY the skill gap?

  • Send your resume to, so that we can help you identify the skill gap
  • With your permission, we would like to add you to our skill matrix in order to help you in getting your next contract when we are talking to the end client

2. How to FILL the skill gap?

  • Open Consulting™ community can recommend you, the best and most current courses/certifications to move forward. Open Consulting™ is not offering these courses and will not benefit from the recommendations.
  • Become part of the local working groups and keep your skills on the sharp end.

3. Working groups for professionals

  • Cloud Computing – with Amazon, Google, Azure products/services (Join Now – HERE)
  • Information Governance – in partnership with Infinnium
  • Robotic Process Automation – in partnership with RCloud
  • Risk and Regulatory Reporting – with Axiom product
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science & Data Engineering
  • Testing Automation

4. Help in increasing your daily rate

  • Apart from the recommendations on certification and working groups, Open Consulting™ community (like glassdoor) keeps a record of previous rates paid by the client, team, role level.
  • This helps to guide you to demand the best rate possible for your skills at the specific client and team.

5. Join the community

  • Connect with us on Linkedin, or other social media.
  • To be notified of the latest contracting work, both inside and outside IR35
  • Latest trends about the skills in demand with market rates
  • Opportunities to get future contracts or work that Open Consulting™ wins.

When you have found your new cheese station – help your colleagues who are still at empty cheese stations to find their path into new cheese stations, by – providing examples/testimonies in the comment section on how you have found the new cheese?