Data & Cloud Seminar


Data & Cloud Seminar

It is a great pleasure to be together on journey of up-skilling ourselves. As Open Consulting has promised to facilitate upgrading skills of freelancers, we have hosted a Cloud Computing meetup in Central London on 11th Feb.

Many experts from the industry put forward their views & vision of the cloud computing to enthusiastic crowd of aspirants. We are sharing some highlights and presentations from the event. We will also publish in a series of posts detailing these individual streams soon.

Pradeep made the crowd to think using cloud mindset and explained about cloud computing. Prakash guided the group about Cloud Career Paths, streams available in Cloud Computing and how to get them.

Atul gave an introduction to Google Cloud Platform, Google’s services offering, certifications available and how to achieve them.

SanthiKumar presented the concept of Data Engineering and how critical it is for success of any analytical system. He explained 5Vs of data, how to pursue the pat of being a data engineer.

Gaurav explained the concept of Hybrid-Cloud along with public and private cloud. He highlighted the fact that it is very high in demand and insisted considering it seriously as part of learning about cloud computing.

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