Free AWS Training

From 02 Feb 2021

The demand for the cloud workforce is growing exponentially. As a strong supporter of upskilling, Open Consulting is running AWS training to help the community to build their cloud skills and grow in this area. This course covers AWS services, Compute, Storage, Containers, Database, Networking, Security, and more. The syllabus will overlap with the entry-level AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner qualification with a flexible timeline.

Each week we will focus on a new topic as listed below. It is advisable to read through the topics before Tuesday’s interactive session. Tuesday’s evening session will last one hour (19:30-20:30 UK time) in which a designated lead will discuss the topic in an interactive session. Followed by an open discussion on technical real-world implementation issues and work opportunities.

These sessions will be hosted on Open Consulting’s official meeting link, recorded, and published on YouTube for future reference. Participants who are unable to attend a session will be able to catch up on the uploaded videos.


02 Feb 2021 – AWS Introduction

Reference – link
Module 1: Introduction to Amazon Web Services
Module 2: Compute in the Cloud

09 Feb 2021 – Shared Responsibility, Governance & Compliance

Shared Responsibility Model
Data Privacy

16 Feb 2021 – Core Security Services

Security, Identity, and Compliance on AWS
Module 6: Security

23 Feb 2021 – Networking & VPC

Module 4: Networking
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

02 Mar 2021 – IAM

Introduction to IAM
Section 2: Identity and Access Management
Identity and Access Management

09 Mar 2021 – Logging/Monitoring

Introduction to Amazon CloudWatch
Introduction to AWS CloudTrail
Section 3: Detective Controls
Section 4: Infrastructure Protection

16 Mar 2021 – Encryption & Data Protection

Section 5: Data Protection

23 Mar 2021 – Security Automation & Response

Section 6: Incident Response

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