Hybrid and Multi-Cloud


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

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Securing your success in the Cloud and On-Premise

According to Gartner, three-fourths of all midsize and large organisations will have implemented a hybrid IT and/or multi-cloud strategy by 2021. And by the following year, “public cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation.”

It’s become clear why the cloud helps enterprises innovate, as it brings efficiency, speed, scale, and agility – all the ingredients that lead to increased productivity and a better bottom line. But while many organisations recognise the value of operating in the cloud, they may still retain critical data in on-premise data centers or spread across multiple public clouds.

And so, IT strategy is in a state of flux for many companies, often becoming clunky, siloed, and expensive. Managing network connectivity between the cloud and on-premise environments proves to be a challenge. That’s also true of planning which data and applications will reside where in the combined environment. All of these design decisions have performance, security, and cost implications. Finally, correctly deploying a defense-in-depth philosophy across all assets is a potentially detrimental sticking point for many companies.

Our Approach to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud and What it Means To You

With technical expertise and results-driven consulting methodology, Open Consulting helps some of the world’s biggest enterprises overcome these pressing challenges. We’ve developed and deployed assets to help clients launch and manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments securely.


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Experience with Kubernetes, Docker, Openshift etc. and other technologies that allow applications to operate independently of the underlying infrastructure platform and bring great benefits to your business.

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Proven Methodologies

Proven evaluation methodologies to help construct a customised multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment for our customers.

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Security Models

Our Specialists can work with you in detailing the overall cloud security aspects and models.

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Multi Cloud Providers

Proven success with all the major cloud providers like Amazon, Google, Azure, IBM etc. – Open Consulting holds specialisations in Application Modernisation & Development, Cloud Migration, and Infrastructure .

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Tooling Sets

Expertise with Google Cloud’s Anthos, Amazon’s OutPost, Azure’s Arc & Stack, which are multi-cloud and hybrid cloud tools that lets customers build, run, and manage applications across cloud and on-premise environments

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