This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “MSA”) and  constitutes the slavery and human trafficking statement of Signifyc Ltd – trading as Open Consulting™.

Open Consulting is a registered trademark number UK00003442658 of Signifyc Ltd, Incorporated and registered in England & Wales with company number 12298942.

We are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking and are committed  to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in our supply chains or in any parts of  our business.  

Our organisation’s structure 

Open Consulting, is an IT consultancy company established in November of 2019 and currently has 10 employees, partners and approximately 11 subcontractors. We have a community of 1400+ experienced professionals who are Subject Matter Experts across 18 industries and our operations are primarily based within the United  Kingdom and wider Europe.

Our supply chains 

Our main supply chains in the UK are:

  • RSK Technologies Ltd.

  • Nishita Associates Ltd.

  • CloudG9 Ltd.

Our main supply chains off-shore are:

  • Emorphis Technologies LLC, USA

  • CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

  • Five Exceptions Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

  • Eklavya Software Services, India

Within these categories we believe the following types of goods and services contract are likely to carry the  highest risks in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking: 

  • IT  

  • Sub-contractors

All of the above mentioned companies fully support the MSA.

Our policies on slavery and human trafficking 

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains  or in any part of our business.

The Open Consulting Purchasing policy has been created, approved by our Board of Directors and has been signed off by key stakeholders. The new policy reflects our commitment to act with integrity and ethically in all our business relationships and to implement and enforce effective systems and controls, including in relation to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking in our  supply chains.

The company has a whistleblowing policy in place that is intended to provide a process for and protection  to Open Consulting employees who wish to raise genuine concerns regarding, amongst other things, our business  practises. This policy has been reviewed by our Board of Directors to ensure it is consistent with recent legal developments and recommended good practice as well as making express reference to modern slavery in a supply chain as an  example of a potential concern staff might disclose under the policy.  

What have done thus far

  • Identified and trained a limited number of key individuals who have authority to purchase material goods and services.

  • Signed up for a “contracts repository” and have implemented a suitable contracts repository software  solution. The repository includes functionality to identify risks types, including modern slavery.

  • Introduced a requirement for appropriate due diligence for new suppliers with whom we contract, which will  include modern slavery checks.

  • Updated standard terms and conditions of purchasing, which will include provisions concerning  compliance with applicable modern slavery laws.

This statement was approved by the Executive Board of Open Consulting on 15 Jan 2022.